LG Soundbar Keeps Changing Modes [Reasons & Fixes]

Various underlying issues can make your LG soundbar keep changing modes. If you are in a similar situation where your LG soundbar keeps changing modes, and you don’t have an idea what to do, then this guide is for you.

In this detailed, and complete step-by-step guide, we have provided you with all the reasons, and the solution to the issue in which the LG soundbar keeps changing mode, and does not stick to a single mode.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s find out the solution to your problem.

Fixing the LG Soundbar Keeps Changing Mode Issue

It can be a frustrating situation when your LG soundbar keeps switching modes. In case, your LG soundbar is changing modes over and over, you cannot enjoy the audio from either of the devices, thus, you need to fix the issue in order to get the sound from your desired input device.

There are several steps involved in the fixing of the LG soundbar mode switching issue. We have compiled these steps after trial, and test method and they work out to be the best.

Here are the Steps for Fixing the LG Soundbar Mode Changing issue.

1. Fixing the Connections

Fixing the Connections

In the very first step, you need to check out the cables and connections on the soundbar. First of all, you need to check out the connections on the LG soundbar, as if the HDMI cable is not properly connected, it can cause your soundbar to change its mode due to power fluctuation.

Likewise, you also need to check the cable for any sort of physical damage to the soundbar. If there is any physical damage to the soundbar cable, you need to replace it, as it can also cause the soundbar to have changing issues.

2. Checking for Bluetooth Interference

Checking for Bluetooth Interference

When your soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity, and there are other devices around, it can cause the soundbar to pair up with other devices, and hence it can also change the mode on its own.

So, if there are other devices that have Bluetooth turned on, you need to turn off the Bluetooth on the other devices, or at least, you need to pair off the soundbar from the soundbar to avoid any sort of interference.

3. Checking the Remote

One of the most common reasons for the soundbar to change modes on its own is a faulty remote.

When you have a faulty remote, it can change the mode on the soundbar. So, in case your soundbar changes mode on its own, you need to check out the remote.

The quickest way to check out the remote on the LG soundbar is hiding the remote, and checking whether the soundbar changes mode on its own or not.

If the soundbar does not change mode, it means that there is some sort of issue on the remote. Otherwise, you need to move on to the next steps.

4. Rebooting All the Devices

Rebooting All the Devices

Rebooting all the devices on the soundbar is another common, and practical fix for the soundbar which allows you to get rid of the automatic changing of the issue of the mode.

The process for changing the modes on the LG soundbar is quite straightforward, you need to unplug the soundbar from the power socket, wait for at least 15 seconds, before replugging the soundbar, and you are good to go.

5. Performing Hard Reset

Performing Hard Reset

If rebooting the soundbar hasn’t helped you, then you should move on to the hard reset. Hard resetting is known to fix plenty of issues on the soundbar. By following the below-provided procedure, you can conveniently perform the hard reset on the LG soundbar.

  • First of all, you need to turn on the soundbar.
  • Now, press, and hold the “Input + Bluetooth” button on the soundbar for about 15 seconds.
  • Afterwards, you would see 4 lights blinking on the LG soundbar indicating that the reset has been done on the soundbar.

6. Updating the Firmware on the Soundbar

Updating the firmware on the LG soundbar can also resolve the issue of LG soundbar changing modes, as a software glitch can make your soundbar to change modes on its own.

So, update the firmware on your soundbar, and in most cases, if it is related to the software, the issue would get resolved. Incase, it doesn’t, you need to contact the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can We Fix the LG Soundbar that Keeps Changing Mode Issues Without Resetting?

Yes, you can fix the LG soundbar keeps changing mode issue on the soundbar without resetting the reset. But, if there is some sort of software glitch with the soundbar, it becomes super-important to reset the soundbar in order to resolve the issue.

What’s the Most Common Reason for LG Soundbar Changing Modes?

The most common reason for the LG soundbar changing modes is damaged cable or the remote. Both are the most common reasons for the abrupt changing of the LG soundbar.

Can the Firmware Cause the LG Soundbar to Change Modes?

Yes, the firmware can cause the LG soundbar to change mode. You can fix the issue by either resetting the soundbar or by updating the firmware.


Plenty of issues can make your LG soundbar change modes, which can be quite frustrating. In order to deal with the issue, we have provided you with a complete step-by-step guide, which you can follow to fix the issue.

Therefore, we have compiled this complete blog post, in which we have provided you with complete solutions to all the problems that can fix this issue.

By following this guide, you can easily fix the issue of the LG soundbar changing mode without any expert guidance.

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