About Us

Soundbar Advisor is the leading soundbar reviewing brand providing you with authentic reviews, guides, and listicles, making it super-easy for you to pick up the right product for your needs.

We are the expert in soundbars, and ever since they became mainstream, we have been dealing with the soundbars, reviewing them, comparing them against the competitors, and providing you with in-depth guides.

How We Get the Products?

You may be tired of the listicles, and the same repetitive information available about the soundbars, that’s not the case with us.

We buy our own soundbars (just like anyone of you), in this way, the products that we review are unbiased, and have independent verdicts.

Another thing that makes us buy organic products (with our own money), and not accept the sponsored product is that the sponsored products may be cherry-picked, and have better performance as compared to the products that you would otherwise buy from the market.

The products that we review on our website are also available for sale, so, you can try your luck, if you can get one from us at a discounted price.

Summing it up, we buy our own products, just like every other consumer, so, we can have a reliable product testing phase.

How We Test Our Products?

Our product testing is what distinguishes us from the rest of the websites on the internet. We test the ins and outs of the products to provide you with a detailed review of the soundbar that you are planning to get.

For instance, when we are reviewing a product, we do review its connectivity, bass, dialogue clarity, and much more.

Also, we provide you with individual scores of a soundbar in the said category. So, you know how the product you are planning to get performs in each of the categories.

Not to mention, after we have thoroughly tested a product, we also get feedback on the product from the consumers who have been long using the products, so, we can compile a more comprehensive product review.

Free Data Without Any Strings Attached

Another thing that makes Soundbar Advisor a go-to place for all the soundbar reviews, and data is that, unlike the other renowned brands, we do not have paid data, and everything we do on the website is freeware, which means, we do not charge you anything, and the affiliate earning is the only way that we do earn the money (that too without any extra cost to you).

It’s the reason we take immense pride in our services. Everything available to you is free of any charges, and you get unbiased reviews that are best to our knowledge, and testing procedure.